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As diversification from open field agriculture, Green House farming is the most appropriate alternative. Almost a decade ago many progressive farmers opted for Green House Farming in  Gujarat. After strong efforts of Horticulture Department, awareness was growing  and many enterprising farmers in other regions of Gujarat came forward to adopt Green House  farming, but they could not succeed due to many teething problems. The major constraint was the high cost. There was also lack of awareness, technical knowledge, non availability of skilled labor and doubts (suspicion) in  minds of farmers, so the steps were necessary to reduce financial burden of farmers. Then substantial subsidy by the Department & availability of Bank finance lured many enterprising  farmers to erect Net House, Green House and grow variety of crops as they had read about and seen in adjoining  states.

This was the time, when need arose to unite these farmers to safeguard their  interest with principle – Unity is the Strength – in mind, enthusiastic farmers came forward and established GREEN HOUSE FARMERS ASSOCIATION, In the year 2011. In addition to their own business and busy schedule, a clear strategy of SERVICE to members and strengthen them with latest technology. Since its inception, association is steering well as seen by increasing nos. of membership from all over Gujarat.

Due to strong commitment and operational excellence of President, Secretary  and their devoted team, all are optimistic to stay ahead and reach high pinnacles.

Service  And benefits of the Association very well Covers farming Community growing field crops in open farming. We also invite Manufacturers, NGOS,  Traders in Agro field to strengthen this Association to serve our farmers better and make them self reliant.

The Main objectives of the Association:

  • Training, Knowledge through EK PRAYAS – a monthly Magazine
  • Technical Seminars . Exhibitions – Edu. Tours – INLAND , OVERSEAS – ISRAEL, BANGKOK etc.
  • Assist all members in attaining total farming solutions from Selection of crops to post harvest period.

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  • Nitinsinh Raulji

    Dec 08, 2016

    Hi I would like to know the update on the case filed with HC. I being a social activist and the President of Aam Aadmi Party, Savli, Vadodara and have come across many farmers who have invested in Green House facility. Many farmers are struggling to survival due to huge financial burden. I would like to study the matter in detail to check whether the issue can be taken politically or otherwise to raise the pressure on the GoG to act on the issue proactively. Thanks.

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