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Our Objectives

The fundamental objectives were to be an effective link between members, farmers and different authorities to seek solution to their queries / problems, to transit latest technology & techniques from Institute / Govt. to Farmers. Besides…

1.  Make available all technological matters in simple Gujarati, so all farmers can easily understand and practice.

2.  Educate members through medium of monthly Gujarati Magazine by the articles of experts.

3.  Arrange primary training for farmers who want to erect Green House.

4.  Educate & train the farmers for various farm practices from planting to Harvesting.

5.  Explain him the benefits of seedlings vs direct seed sowing, tissue culture etc.

6.  Provide services of soil testing, information of suitability of soils, climate types required for Green House etc.

7.  Arrange import of seeds, equipments or any other inputs for the members.

8.  Arrange bulk purchase of all inputs after collecting individual demands for mass benefits. Guide them for plant protection, fertigation, fumigation etc.

9. Arranging periodic visit of Technical Personnel from Association and visit of expert in emergency like epidemic etc.

10.  Sourcing market in the country / overseas for the produce of members for the best price

11.  Arrange exports, tie ups, contract farming or any other system for betterment of farmers

12.  Arranging educational tours to important institutes, exhibitions in India or overseas tours as Israel etc.

13.  Explain global significance of organic products through organic farming & make arrangement of certification, inland / foreign marketing.

14.  Promotion of IPM module for various crops in Green House and open field to minimise expenditure of plant protections and fertigation, would be prime objective of Association.

15.  Association would actively promote the worldwide export of Organic Farm Products.

16.  Association is committed to bring about socio economic changes by developing Apiary, Dairy, Aqua Culture as required by members.

17.  Arranging periodic seminar, workshop, CD-VCD, films etc.

18.  Apart from Green House development, Association also motivates farmers to take up Net House, Tunnel House, improved nurseries, medicinal and aromatic plant.

19.  EK PRAYAS monthly magazine for Agriculture has been suggesting various avenues for your well being please subscribe and avail regular home delivery. The annual subscription 1 yr : Rs.325/- • 2 yrs : Rs.625/- • 3 yrs : Rs.900/-

20.  Green House, Net House, Tunnel House owners, agriculturists and other business groups are invited to join GREEN HOUSE FARMERS ASSOCIATION.

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