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Sugarcane Farming Techniques


Sugar cane grows from a stem, into a tall upright plant that looks similar to reeds that grow on the banks of a river. Unlike most stems that are planted upright, a sugar cane stem has to be furrowed and placed on its side in order for it to grow. Sugar cane is a highly versatile plant that serves many functions.

The pulp from the cane is recycled and used to make cardboard and other forms of sugar board that can be used as ceilings etc. Recently sugar cane has also been used to manufacture Bio fuel, which serves as a replacement for oil based fuel and related products. The pulp of sugar cane can also be left aside in the sun to produce a fertilizer that is nourishing food for other plants and flowers. After a few months the pulp will turn black to form a fine powder.

It is this black fertilizer that is used to provide nutrition to other plants and flowers. As an added bonus, there is no offensive odor.

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